Excerpts from Being A Guide to Evil by Sir Winston F Hedrigal
(Dunsholme Associated Evil-Vanquishing Press, 1889)

The Beast - many a good (lobster) friend did I see end his days at the hands of this dreadful creature.

Cyclops - in this picture, the monster is saying 'Aaaaaargh! My eye just exploded! And I've only got one!'

Killer Rat - alarm bells will immediately begin to ring in the head of any honest Christian, the moment their eyes rest on a rat wearing a shirt, escaping from prison.

Alien Creature - I always thought my son Michael was one of these but my wife assures me he is not.

Talon - during my long and varied career I have witnessed sights so evil they would strike the average man blind and insane at once - and few of those sights come close to being as evil as that of a giant owl bumming a man.