An interview with Toby Vok

Multi-instrumentalist and cat enthusiast Vom Vorton recently discovered this short interview he made with Toby Vok in 1997 in his old school bag, along with a rotten banana, some graph paper and a tape containing a never heard before or since Toby Vok song. He contends that this was the last time Toby Vok spoke in public before his mysterious disappearance in 1997, but of this there is no proof except his word and his astonishingly beautiful stare.


Interviewer: What instruments do you use to obtain the distinctive synth sounds in so many of your records?

Toby Vok: I exclusively use custom built synthesisers from the Pengromelt factory in Lithuania. My favourite, the Planktoyelp, has an actual cat's brain wired up to it

Interviewer: A cat's brain? Isn't that cruel?

Toby Vok: The cat was an agromeliac

Interviewer: What on Earth is an agro...

Toby Vok: This interview is over.

But even this must end, the newly discovered track by Toby Vok and the Eggs