Episode 1: A mouth on the face is worth two on the neck

Gyles Brandreth, mild mannered owner of a Teddy Bear museum by day, is an international secret agent by night. This week, Gyles is kidnapped by a shadowy terrorist mastermind, who injects his mouth with a terrifying growth serum. Gyles escapes, but can he find a cure before his mouth becomes too big to feed?

Episode 2: Science is no match for faith

Still searching for a cure, Gyles teams up with international superstar and nobel prize winning scientist Tom Chaplin, who himself has had to deal with a massively expanding body part. Unfortunately, just as Tom is about to make an astonishing breakthrough, he is murdered by a mysterious assassin. Is there a double agent working against Gyles?

Episode 3: They call this love?

Gyles goes to an underground club, where he expresses disdain for their way of life.

Episode 4: THATCHER!

Gyles tries to track down the double agent, and all clues lead to Hull. Could this man, known only as the incredible expanding cowboy, really be John Prescott? Warning: contains hard hitting satires

Episode 5: Frogs

Using the evidence he removed from the cowboys face, Gyles travels to France, where he comes face to face with the enemy. It turns out it was all the work of Jose Bove and his cult, The Farmers, and that they injected his mouth with growth hormones in protest against McDonalds. Gyles Brandeth explodes ina furious anger, and beats them all to death, and then runs down Jose Bove in a tractor. "Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Jose", he shouts, as he sets Jose's corpse on fire.

Episode 6: Explosion

Gyles mouth explodes