COW wedged ironically in the dairy aisle in between
the milk
and the cheese

face that cow face it down face that cow

I am used to cow being my dinner says a lady backing away rapidly
cow should not be looking at me
she drops her meat and flees

face it! Face that cow!

Cow in the supermarket!

It should not be here

how did that cow get here? Asks the man in a hat into his special shopfloor phone

get rid of it and also get a mop and a police he says and looks at the cow

there is a queue now behind the cow forming backing up around the stupid aisles

what's going on demands a frustrated in a red face
there is a cow! Comes the many yells
a cow in the aisle!

Oh for GOD's sake says frustrated red face
this is just typical, move now please, I am trying to get out, i am going to Waitrose

the cow has done a poo

nobody must upset the cow says a man near the poo with a look of fear in his eyes

this is a bit like that time a whale got stuck up the Thames remarks a fucking student as she films the event on her phone and everyone agrees