David McPipehelm's Musical Express

James Blunt - All the Lost Souls

This album breaks no new musical ground - and is all the better for it. No fan-baiting art school self indulgence like Kid A by Radiohead, this follow-up to the remarkable Back to Bedlam is three quarters of an hour of pure conformity. 10/10

Paul Weller - Wild Wood (Deluxe Edition)

Wild Wood was perhaps the least adventurous album of 1993, and therefore the most rewarding. Now its back, exactly the same as before but longer, and this time its even more comforting.


Coldplay - A long contented sigh

This bootleg recording of Chris Martin sighing in contentment at his riches is truly heartwarming. Its nice to know that in this day an age honest to goodness solidity can be rewarded so well, and that success doesn't make all people show utter contempt for their most loyal fans by descending into art school wank.

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Funk Me Mama (But Not Too Hard)

The Chilis back to their best! The day they ditched the scuzzy sleaze of the LA punk and heroin scene was the day the found a new fan in one Mr David McPipehelm.

A. Kiedis takes us on a magical ride across the mellow fields of funk to a land where every day is sunny and mildly temperate, and time is spent cruising oceanside motorways in a mid-price cabriolet.

The days of socks on cocks and uncombed long hair are over for these fellas, and you know what? I'm not one bit sad!

Lardpony - The Greatest Invention Ever

The would-be amusing and imaginative lyrics, covering everything from werewolves and hypnosis all the way through to robots and sunlight, really detract from what could have been a thoroughly unsurprising album. If they ditch the art school lyrics and the joyful music for something much more safe they could well go far. Until then, I won't be paying them any money

Texas - Greatest Hits

Texas were one of the truly great bands of the late 90s. Unfairly overlooked these days, but this retrospective shows just how influential they were. No Texas, no KT Tunstall - they're that important.

Travis - The Boy With No Name

Once again Travis reward us with a classic timeless album that you feel like you've known for years before you even turn it on. Put this on the jukebox and it will make a night out feel like a night in - and I can think of no higher praise than that

Crash Test Dummies - 14 funny songs

I like a good joke as much as the next man, and whenever I'm in the mood for some fun I find there is nothing better for it than listening to the Crash Test Dummies. Featuring Mmmmmmm Mmmm Mmmmmmmmmmmmm Mmmmmmmmmmm and 13 other hilarious classics, you'll laugh real tears of laughter at these brilliantly good fun Canadian pop morsels

Kanye West - Graduation

I bet he is graduating from art school