Exploding Lips (PC, 2001)

At first you're spellbound by the sight. You blink, but there it is--a huge pair of lips floating about ten feet above the ground. They're bright red, those lips, and they are wearing what you'd have to describe as a cruel smile. And then it starts coming back to you. The Exploding Lips! The invasion from another dimension! The Earth caught unawares, the wholesale destruction as the nations, unprepared for this eerie and deadly invasion, try to fight back against a menace they can hardly understand.

Oh no! An exploding lip!

Weirdly, when you kill an exploding lip, it turns into a pile of twitching bones. Did I say weirdly? I meant brilliantly!

Here is one of the exciting in-game messages, which appears to have been written by a Predator.



...I see...

...that's...beautiful. And so profound.

Oh! Oh no...

One of the more disturbing bits: a lady wearing nothing but trainers, mincing about inside a big glass tank.

What should you do if you find a big red cyclops underwater? Why, you collect it, silly! It will make a door open!

Possibly my favourite bit: gazing at my reflection.

Hello! You people up there look like fun!

I think...you are my favourite!


'Cafe Eat'? That sounds like the best place ever!






Exploding Lips can be downloaded from here