Distressing Video Game Box-art #1

It is not hard to find bad video game box-art, of course. But we looked, anyway

Welcome to the House of Terror. And Drugs. Mainly Drugs

Some of My Best Friends are Dodgy Stereotypes

Homoerotic Muscleman Megamix


"Stay away from my man, bitch."

"If only I looked where I'm shooting, perhaps I might hit something. I hope I learn how to in time for the sequel."

"Oh. Oh well."

What? No really, what?

"How can our game about a hawk/metal-egg-thing be improved?"

Chaos Engine, but for Americans

An outpouring of thoughts:

1) It is 'The Gentlemen', guys, not 'The Sinister Homosexual'

2) Mercenary appears to be dead. Perhaps someone should tell him

3) Priest is wearing no collar, and hair has grown back...? OH WAIT THIS IS THE AMERICAN VERSION ISN'T IT. Where the shittest character (to be, and to play alongside, as he was a thieving cunt) who was, brilliantly, the Priest, was instead changed to THE SCIENTIST. Do you see what they did there? They turned it straight around! That'll show those pesky Darwinists.

4) The Navvie has become The Washed-up German Rock Star

"I have kicked the ball. My work here is done"