The Green Mile - a review

Once upon a time it was the 40s. A very big black man, Coofe, sat in a field wailing. In his arms are 2 deaded Elm Street skipping ghost girls. "I tried to take it back!" cries black man. His negroid colouring and ambiguous phrasing suggest e'en now that the twist in the tale is that he did not dunnit.

A man appear. He was once the baddy in something but is the daddy in this. He curse Coofe for killing his daughters. Coofe -> Death Row.

Other people on Death Row:
Personification of man's inner savage (Sam Rockwell)
Pathetic old soppy man with pet mowse
Sadistic, cowardly jailer
George from 6 feet under (boss)
Pieface McHanks

Savage scares coward. Coward does wee in trousis! Coward steps on mowse. Coofe heals mowse, and "death" come from Coofe gob in the form of flies! Pieface tells Soppy there is a promised land for mice. Coward rigs Soppy's execution to be extra hurty, and tells him no such place as promised land for mice. Pieface hits coward.

George wife (Ruth's sister from 6 feet under) has brain tumour. Pieface smugle Coofe out of gaol. Coofe heal wife and keep flies in tummy this time. Back at gaol, Savage grab Coofe and Coofe do "Dead Zone" and see what Savage dun. Coofe snog flies into Coward's gob. Coward go mental and shoot Savage. Coward stay mental.

Coofe show Dead Zone to Pieface to show that Savage killed girls. Coofe does not wish to stay in world filled with hate and murder so he still goes to get electric shok. Everyone blub.

Dead Zone gave Pieface and mowse extended mortality so they can live to bore another day.

I fancy Sam Rockwell. All he had to do in the flim was rant and rave, and he acted everyone else into a cock hat.

Now, if you want to know what it's like watching Green Mile, read my review again but look at each word for half an hour.