Shipman M.E. - Episode Guide

"And that's the end of that chapter..."

Episode 1: Go Fight City Hall � To the Death

A young woman is raped and strangled on a Los Angeles beach. Further down the coastline a young boy is shot and arrested for her murder. Shipman doesn't think that it would have been possible for the boy arrested to strangle the woman and decides that he is going to go out and begin a little investigation of his own. He visits City Hall, where the dead woman worked, to ask some questions and, after a little checking, murders everyone.

Episode 2. The Die Bone�s Connected to the Knee Bone

A thigh bone is found buried on the building site of a new student union building. Shipman is teaching a class at the university and soon involves himself and his students in finding out who the bone belonged to, how they died and possibly even who killed them. Not surprisingly Monaghan and Asten consider this a complete waste of time and want Shipman to get back to his job and stop bothering them. Shipman confronts them and murders them.

Episode 3. A Blow to the Head, A Blow to the Heart

After a championship bout a young boxer collapses and dies. His wife thinks that it wasn't an accident and asks Shipman, a friend of her husband's trainer and the coroner on call, to see if he can find out how he really died. Once Shimpan has completed the autopsy he begins to wonder if the woman is right, there is certainly something that does not seem to be quite right with the death, something that is made even more certain when Shipman is approached by 4 thugs who tell him in no uncertain terms that he better hurry up and make his report. Shipman retires to his boat and thinks about killing someone...but doesn't. Episode ends. TO BE CONTINUED!

Episode 4. A Blow to the Head, A Blow to the Heart PART II

After a montage of the goings on from PART I, Shipman wakes up on his boat then goes out and murders everyone.

Episode 5. The Last Six Hours

Finally getting to spend a bit of leave time with his latest flame, Barbara, Shipman heads off away from Los Angeles. Later on, in London (England), the couple nearly drive off the road when they witness a rape. Shipman then finds himself in an English courtroom, fighting for the innocence of a man who has been convicted using internet evidence. When Shipman argues that he and Barbara actually saw the rapist and that the internet hasn't been invented yet he is ejected from the court and the innocent man is sent to a special Rape Prison. The next day everyone involved with the case is dead. Back on his boat, Shipman opens a bottle of champagne, confides in Barbara and then kills her.