Star Wars, with commentary by Carrie Fisher

"I didn't feel too bad here. Half a Zanax, 3 Bonophols, washed down with some vodka. Shimmery outlines round everything, but generally rooted in reality. Couldn't remember my lines."

"Ten hash cakes, some heroin. Couldn't see the strings on the round black thing - freaked out. Started screaming at the guy in black. Slapped Lucas. Ran off set."

"Morphine/Jack Daniels mixture injected into eyeballs, cocaine dusted on nipples, bottle of brandy. Simply not. On. The. Planet. At this point. The guy in the boots with the hairy one kept screaming at me. Something about an 'agent'. Stars in everything. Passed out face-down in the water; resuscitated by the fag with blond hair."

"Angel dust had just kicked in. This is why I'm smiling."