Terminator: Salvation - the script

Resistance Soldier: What kind of terminator is that, John?
John Connor: It's a T-850. It is a significant upgrade to the T-800. The new features are: more gnarled face, and turkeying of the neck. Also now it can tell jokes
T-850: I'm back.
Resistance Soldier: ahahahahaha! ;-)

Robot: What kind of terminator is that, Skynet?
Skynet: It is the T-X. It is in the shape of the most terrifying thing of all: a beautiful woman, with big ubbs

A robot can be seen collecting skulls and putting them in a big pile so that big robot tanks can roll over them for some reason

John Connor: I can't see how a helicopter is going to help us defeat these terminators
Denton Van Zan 'Dragon Slayer': You see they have great vision during the day, and even better vision at night. But in the failing light, they can't focus. Magic hour.
John Connor: And then what?
Denton Van Zan 'Dragon Slayer': And then we fly up above them and drop a net on them or something

Van Zan pauses for a moment

Denton Van Zan 'Dragon Slayer': Also in London there's a king terminator who lays all the eggs

Everything is exploding around Skynet. The room shakes, steam bursts out of pipes, an electrical cable swings down spraying sparks across the room.

Robot: Why did you think the humans would be fooled by all those silver skeletons walking around on the battlefield?
Skynet: Shut up!