Excellent music videos #1: There There by Radiohead

This has to be the best video ever made by a pop band ever!

Basically: Thom Yorke, looking as mutaated/gorgeous as ever, wanders around this eeeeevil creepy wood, and it's all done in stop-motion animation (if you've ever seen the horribly dark/upsetting animation The Secret Adventures Of Tom Thumb then you'll know what I mean). He happens across some mice smoking pipes, a cat wedding, and then, in a clearing, finds a big coat hanging in the air, glowing with ethereal power. So. He puts it on. Then he notices a tree with a hollow high up in it. And on the tree, eyes closed...CROWS!

Thom Yorke is wary (as any sensible man would be) but curiosity gets the better of him and he reaches in...to find some magic Chelsea boots that match his new coat. But then the crows all wake up.

Thom Yorke runs as fast as he can while the crows divebomb him (this is pretty terrifying stuff, as I'm sure you can imagine). Suddenly the power of the boots is revealed - Thom Yorke can run superfast! He easily outpaces the crows, throwing his head back and laughing manically as he does so. But then - BUT THEN - his feet suddenly become rooted to the ground. Thom Yorke, rapidly, and (from what we see) painfully turns into a tree. The last shot we see is his knacked face, frozen forever in a scream of bark...we pan up, and see the crows nesting in his highest branches. So that was their plan all along!