Timecop - a review

I can't believe I have never seen this classic Science Fiction movie before. Basically Jean-Claude Van Damme lives in the space year 2004, and then he has to go back, way way way back through time to the ancient year of 1994 to get this bearded man (and when they get to 1994 his rookie partner, who is 26, says "Just think...I'm celebrating my SIXTEENTH birthday today!" and I nearly fell off my chair in shock at just how amazing a concept this really was, and Jean-Claude Van Damme smiled) only then this version of the bearded man appears from the future, and starts insulting and bullying the version of him from the past, saying he is fat and an iddott and stuff, and then someone gets shot, and then they are using these excellent futuristic guns, that are exactly the same as our guns, except they make excellent laser noises when they are fired. Then the future bearded man gets Van Damme's wife, in 1994, and says he will blow her up, and then he says "I am an ambitious businessman who went to Harvard...and you are an idiot" but then the 1994 version of him walks into the house, and the future bearded man says "What are YOU doing here you idiot?" and he says "You called me and told me to come here" and Jean-Claude Van Damme says "Don't argue amongst yourself. I made the call." and then he says to the future bearded man "You remember how matter cannot occupy the same space...well it must be Broadway, because I'm still kicking" and he kicks the past bearded man into the future bearded man, which makes them fuse into a big screaming pillar of blood, which sinks into the floor and disappears, and then Jean-Claude Van Damme goes back to 2004 and his boss says "You haven't been here in 10 years, go home" and he goes home, and he has a son, and his wife says "I have a surprise for you" (which I can only guess was 'there will be two versions of you now', seeing as she had been living with the past version of him for 10 years. I mean he wouldn't just disappear. I don't know though as the film ended there.)