The Legend of Zelda - A Link To The Past

One night, a girl's voice awakens you from your sleep.

"Help me...
My name is Zelda...
I am in the castle dungeon."

You wake, not knowing whether the voice was part of a dream or reality.
You look up, and find your uncle, who should be asleep at this time, standing next to your bed.

"Raz, I'm going out for a wee", he says as he departs. "Don't leave housus! Else I will slap faece!"

You watch him leave with the family sword in hand and shield on arm.

It is a night like no other... Who is Zelda? Where had your uncle gone and for what reason?

And so on an ill-fated night, a new chapter in the Legend of Hyrule's hero begins - a new chapter in the Legend of Zelda!