black/white (900k, Windows only - sorry)

dodge, collect, survive


General Controls

Cursor keys or Joystick to move
Q or Joystick Button 1 to flip sides


There are two sides to the game area - one black, one white - but you are only active on one side at any given time. Your active ship is either black or white, but vulnerable to bullets. The inactive ship is grey, and invulnerable.

On each side black or white squares will appear, slowly fading from view. Collect these before they disappear. Only your active ship can collect them, however. And if you fail to catch them before they fade from view, they will be reborn on the other side as a deadly shower of bullets. Avoid these bullets, for they are dangerous for your health


There are two modes in black/white - time attack mode and score attack mode

Time attack mode

The purpose of time attack mode is to survive as long as possible. You start with 10 life points. Each time you are hit by a bullet your life is depleted by one. When you reach zero you will die. However, you can gain life points by collecting the fading squares. Each square replenishes 1 life point. There is no upper limit to you life score

Score attack mode

In score attack mode the aim is to gain as many points as possible by collecting the fading squares. Collect 20 squares on each level to move onto the next level. You start with 100 life points, and cannot gain anymore

Points are scored in the following ways:

collecting a square - 10 * level number
finishing a level - life points * level number

So, for example, each square collected on level 1 gains you 10 points. Each square collected on level 15 gains you 150 points. Also, if you complete level 3 with 100 life points remaining you will gain 300 points. Complete level 20 with 10 life points remaining and you'll recieve 200 points.