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Title Author
Blackey's Do-It-Yourself Volume 1 Part 2 coltranepep
Blackey's Do-It-Yourself Volume 1 The Davros Guys
Blackey and Bluey Part 11: Future Snowman xenacoltranepep
Blackey and Bluey Part 10: Davros' Demise xenacoltranepep
Blackey and Bluey Part 10: Davros' Demise
Blackey and Bluey Part 9: Future Impossible xenacoltranepep
... Tolk
Blackey and Bluey Part 8: Davros' father's funeral coltranepep
Blackey and Bluey Part 7: Davros' Website coltranepep
Twins Part 2 coltranepep
Twins coltranepep
Davros' "Christmas" coltranepep
Blackey and Bluey Part 6: The Molden Years coltranepep
Funny toothpaste Pistol
Blackey and Bluey Part 5: The Birth of Davros Jr. coltranepep
The End coltranepep
Ben Is Gay Gilthaer
Blackey and Bluey Part 4 coltranepep
Blackey and Bluey Part 3 coltranepep
Blackey and Bluey Part 2 Sarah Harris
Blackey and Bluey Part 1 Sarah Harris
Confusion David Guy
...Mexan hat is best King Green
enough with your culture, you, it's melting! bottomfeeder
The Snowmen dng
Anansi Boys Neil Gaiman
Great Sadness Looms Raz
the trial of michal jackon Trimpsy Windylicks
Unmercy Raz
Echoes of the Stillborn Neil Gaiman
Bryce 3D Mr. Biffo
Big Brother Live Birchtreey
Oh no it's happening again Raz
Birthday David Guy
A Dance To The Music Of Thyme Raz
Strange Loops Birchtredg
Jam piemuncher
Hurrah! It's working! David 'Mandibles' Guy
if i could leave these foreign lands perhaps i would be a stronger man Raz
cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunt Raz
Slaying Wayne Marsh
Rik Waller speaks Corrina McHale
Zombie Daleks David Guy
End Times David Guy
Davros Talks Rich Byrne
NO! Raz
Dire Truths and Consequences Raz
Hatred Fran Read
Hunger Emma Eaton-Smith
Davros, lost David Guy
Shut up David! Raz
Hat David Guy
Davros laughs David Guy
Hiding David Guy
Davros, lost David Guy
David Homfray Memories
Davros dreaming David Guy
A new and better race Shrinkwrapped
Shut Up David Peacock
Fear Emma Eaton-Smith